Where are they now?

Where are they now?

I have always been curious about what our former students are doing, especially since they left QHS. So after my first attempt to share some Alumni stories I am pleased to include them in this edition. I hope this step will encourage others to come forward. 

Take some time to read about Emilie Bernier-Robinson who is living a full life in Edinburgh, Scotland as a Teacher Coordinator in a large private school; Gary Carbonnell who came to QHS in Secondary 3 and is now an entrepreneur in the Gatineau area; Andrew Jarjour, a neuroscience researcher who shares his Edinburgh experiences and has now moved to London, England, and Mai-Yan Kwan, who lives in Los Angeles as a freelance, environmental graphic designer and entrepreneur! Each of these graduates are taking different life journeys and each share their thoughts about how QHS influenced them.

 Maybe you will feel motivated to share your story if you are interviewed (sometimes this process helps one overcome some reluctance!). If you would simply like a copy of some guiding questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Jean Fillatre, PhD



Class of 2000

Emilie Bernier

Gary Carbonnell


Class of 1994

 Andrew Jarjour

Mai-Yan Katherine Kwan