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  • QHS offers an opportunity for all students to get involved on a sports team or they can get an early start to their day and participate in basketball or soccer concentration. 
  • At QHS we have a strong sports tradition. Year after year, we compete with the best in the region in Soccer, Basketball, Rugby and Track and Field. 
  • Our key to success is the quality of our coaching staff. Our dedicated teachers help students achieve their potential.  
  • Basketball & Soccer concentration runs 5/10 days per cycle from 8 am to 9:10 at QHS. If you are interested you can download our registration form and send it to Mr. Philip our sport coordinator.

Basketball & Soccer Concentration


The QHS sport concentration program has contributed to the success of our school varsity teams. Our soccer and basketball programs are open to male and female athletes in secondary 1-5. Four days out of the 10 day cycle are scheduled for each concentration. Concentrations are held in our school gym. We aim to develop:

  1. Individual and collective skills from the basics to more advanced skills.
  2. Good sportsmanship through every aspect of the game.
  3. Cardio-vascular and muscular systems through regular training.
  4. Game level stress management techniques.
  5. Speed, agility and fine motor skill development.

For more information, consult concentrations or contact us:





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