Concentration Programs

QHS offers concentrations to fit with a variety of students’ interests. You will find below, general information about all five possibilities. These are offered to all levels. The more complete information is presented to all students when comes time to register for the following year.


Generally, the concentrations run from 8:00 to 9:10 every other day with a qualified teacher who is also the students’ advisory teacher. On the other days, the regular schedule of 8:45 to 9:10 applies and students follow the ERC program.



Soccer and Basketball Concentration

The QHS sports concentration programs have contributed to the success of our school varsity teams. The concentration programs will aim specifically to develop the following:

  1. Individual and collective skills from the basics to more advanced skills
  2. Promotion of sportsmanship through every aspect of the game
  3. Improved cardio-vascular and strength conditioning through regular training
  4. Improve speed, agility and reaction time in game situations.
  5. Participating in a sports concentration program is a healthy way to start the day.

Science Concentration

Students participating in the Science concentration have the opportunity to explore science year round. They’ll be given the opportunity to participate in competitions that promote science education (one for Engineering and the other for Science). Winners of these competitions can advance to the provincial even national and international competitions. Having fun is also an important element of this concentration program so participation in other events is encouraged to help students broaden and deepen their science understanding. Finally, students also explore areas that are of interest to them. This program is open to all students and the required depth of knowledge is different from one level to the next, in respect to the students’ abilities and grade level.



Music Concentration

The Music Concentration allows students to explore the diverse forms of musical expression. Many opportunities are offered such as initiation to guitar and bass; voice and microphone techniques; students who play an instrument will explore small group or band performances. Students have the chance to discover and learn new instruments such as keyboard, mandolin, ukukele, banjo. And a variety of percussion instruments.

Dance Concentration

The Dance Concentration allows students to explore various dance styles and traditions. Based on an individual’s curiosity, a variety of opportunities will be offered, such as basic Ballet techniques and Hip Hop, exploring the beat, training for balance, flexibility, strength and endurance as well as choreography and performance.