Art is a way of Life at QHS

  • At QHS students can choose between the three core Arts programs of Drama, Music and Visual Arts but we offer an enriched curriculum at all levels to allow students to further explore their interests and discover new talents. 
  • Arts Exploration, Ceramics, Visual Arts & Multimedia, Music Theatre and Band   
  • Students have the opportunity to perform at the Coffee House, Music Extravaganza, Poetry Slam, Fashion Show, Dinner Theatre, Musical Theatre production and monthly noon hour shows.

Dance & Music Concentration


Dance Concentration

This program allows students to explore various dance styles and traditions. Based on an individualís curiosity, a variety of opportunities will be offered, such as Ballet techniques, Hip Hop, exploring the beat, training for balance, flexibility, strength and endurance as well as choreography and performance.

Music Concentration

This program allows students to explore the diverse forms of musical expressions. Many opportunities are offered to try new things such as initiation to guitar, bass, and voice and microphone techniques. Students who play an instrument will explore small group or band performances. Students have the opportunity to discover and try new instruments such as keyboard, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, and a variety of percussion instruments. For more information, consult concentrations or contact us:

Coffee House



Music Extravaganza



Poetry Slam



Music Theatre