Alumni Facts

Interesting Alumni Facts

It is our goal to support the school and teachers for the benefit of the students.  To this end, the foundation will purchase school equipment and educational material according to the objectives and specifications of the school administration and staff.  The foundation will also provide financial support to students who require such assistance for sports or field trips as deemed necessary by the school administration and staff.

As well, the foundation supports Academic Awards and scholarships.

Newsletters are provided to our alumni, networking members and informing them of school events, activities and achievements.

All activities are entirely organized and carried out by volunteers mostly in the Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa areas and without their contribution, the foundation would not be able to operate as it presently does.

Each year, there is a golf tournament held by the Ontario Chapter of the Alumni Foundation.

The following QHS clubs or projects were financially aided by the Foundation:

  • Robotics Club
  • Blue and Gold Studios
  • QHS Fitness Room
  • Woodworking Club
  • QHS Ambassador Program
  • Tech lightning and sound system
  • Families with special needs
  • QHS House Program (T-Shirts)
  • Music Theatre (sets and costumes)
  • French Department (audio visual materials)
  • Improvisation Club
  • School Mural Program
  • Special Needs Resource outing
  • Classics Film Club
  • Student Exposition (Art)
  • Sports Program
  • Student Council (recreational material)
  • Year Book (The Key)
  • Academics Awards